Understanding Container Grades

Container Grades

IICL-5 (Premium Grade)

Premium Grade units are actively certified as Cargo Worthy by the IICL ( Institute of International Container Lessors).

This unit is typically 2-5 years old and is in superior structural and cosmetic condition to an A Grade Container.

CW (Cargo Worthy)

Cargo Worthy containers have been repaired back to the condition required to carry cargo via inter-modal transport.

This may or may not be of importance to you, but if you plan on using your Shipping Container for transport of cargo, it will need to be in Cargo Worthy condition to be certified for transport.

In general a unit that has been repaired to this condition is a better unit than a Wind & Water Tight Container, and usually a little younger in age but you may not notice the difference if the use is only for storage.

Wind and Watertight (A Grade)

WWT units are free of holes, have properly functioning cargo doors with door seals in tact.

This unit can be restored to Cargo Worthy condition if required (add a cargo certification) for transport via ocean or rail.

The term “A Grade” has no absolute meaning, but in general we are confident in the product condition and offer a discount if the product is not up to par…you don’t get that guarantee with an “As Is” product.

AS IS (B Grade)

B grade is used to describe “As Is” units we purchase from our suppliers that offer no guarantees to the condition of the unit. This is our price leader and the product grade is ideal for contractors and other non-sensitive storage applications. If you have cosmetic requirements or location visibility concerns, this grade unit is not for you. It’s a functional unit but will have heavy to light rust, corrosion, dings & dents.

You may get a unit that is as good as an “A” grade unit when purchasing this product grade.

Its a great option for some but not for everyone. That being said, B grade units are still a very popular product

MOD (Modified)

Modified Cargo Containers have been altered with custom or standard modifications.

The containers have been changed from their original ISO Container status into one of the many variations of portable storage; housing, kiosk, office or other portable use solutions in the market. Units can be cut to size, powered up, painted, etc.

Modified Containers can typically no longer be restored to Cargo Worthy condition.